This past weekend i saw the HBO/CNN’s documentary about Navalny. I highly recommend it. Here is a link that bypasses HBO — some parts are in russian. And… i don’t know who owns that website…

Also, i finished Varoufakis’ Technofeudalism (book). I don’t particularly recommend it.

It does have some interesting parts, in particular about eurovision-like bonuses (Cp. 7 - democratised companies). The gist of it is that income would consist of two parts: (1) a base remuneration, equal for all workers, and (2) a variable component.

As for the bonus, workers would have points (say 100) to distribute among their colleagues. The bonus amount would then be computed based on the points awarded to each worker.

Of course, it can be argued that the eurovision system is unfair. Listening to winning songs would suffice as demonstration. However, eurovision’s voting is not secret!